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Simply click on the 360° location to view that scene:
[Ground Floor] [First Floor]
View from the Pool Bedroom 1
Flower Beds Bedroom 2
Shaded Area Bedroom 3
Playing Field Bedroom 4
Front of the Villa Lounge Gallery (above)
Secret Garden Landing Gallery (above)
The Lounge Bathroom
The Dining Room
The Kitchen
The Second Lounge
Entrance Hallway
Rear Terrace overlooking the Pool

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Instruction on how to navigate the scenes:

Please be patient while the 360° image loads..

Once the image has fully loaded it will automatically begin to spin. You can then left mouse click inside the image and drag the mouse.

Within the 360° spinning image you will see Red boxes, these act as another way of navigation. Simply click of the Red boxes and it will take you to the next choosen scene

The Red boxes will either have NAVIGATION or INFORMATION written on them

Navigation or Information