Use the Google Map to plan your journey - the Villa is situated about one kilometre north-west of the hamlet of Le Serieix.

Most people cross at one of the channel ports and drive down. It takes me around eight hours usually once in France on roads that are amazingly free of traffic compared with England.

There are crossings from Plymouth to Roscoe, Poole to St Malo (sometimes via the Channel Islands), Portsmouth to Le Havre or Caen, Newhaven to Dieppe and Dover to Calais or Boulogne. If I can't book the fast Newhaven to Dieppe crossing I usually opt for Caen for the shortest drive and proximity to motorways. But of course it all depends on your point of embarkation. I am able to introduce you to discounted ferry fares if this proves helpful.

The overnight ferries arrive around seven or eight and you have a comfortable drive down within the day. Ferries arriving as late as the early evening give you no choice but to stay overnight somewhere en route. This is not a problem because hotels in France are a fraction of the price in England and it gives you the opportunity to see another part of the country. You can also pre-book via the internet in hotels that admit you with a credit card and a code twenty-four hours a day if they are not manned. (But check the suitability of your credit card first)

I usually make it to Chartres (cathedral city) or down to the Loire valley at beautiful Chinon, Angers or other favourites. It is my usual custom to supply guests with route guides before they leave once I know their port of arrival.

Other people prefer to fly in which case Stanstead to Limoges is far and away the most economic route – often with give-away prices. But Rodez and other routes from different cities in the UK are opening up including a future local service into Brive-la-Gaillarde.

From Limoges you have some eighty miles driving. The airport is small and friendly and there are several car hire firms on the spot.