Things to know about the Estate..

You will see that the estate beyond the formal gardens is a mixture of meadows and woods together with a convenient flat area suitable for games. You are asked to take special care to ensure that no matches or cigarettes are dropped on the ground nor any other action taken that could result in a fire risk and injury or damage to yourselves, the property and the surrounding countryside, and please ensure that any children in your party do likewise. With this in mind the local authorities do not permit camping on the site. The area is one of special interest in that several springs run through the grounds used in the past to supply drinking water to the local villages but it now serves as a back-up supply only whilst the main source has been switched to the River Dordogne.

The local beauty spot Roche de Vic is less than half a mile from the villa and can be seen from the grounds.

Wild life

There is an abundance of wildlife within the grounds for those who are practiced observers. This includes deer and sometimes wild boar. Also red squirrels and sometimes the black variety. Several varieties of lizards can be seen, some of which are very colourful and it is not uncommon to hear the sound of crickets on a hot balmy summer evening. And there are a number of species of colourful butterflies.

The grounds are home to a large variety of birds, small and large. Buzzards circle above especially when meadows and fields are cut or harvested, and they call to each other as they search for any small creatures that may have been disturbed. Jays have developed the habit of stealing my cherries from my single cherry tree and out of season they squawk at each other disturbing the peace as marauding gangs of them move from tree to tree. And owls call each other after nightfall. As well as the many species of better known birds some rare species have been spotted within the grounds, including:-

Golden Oriole (I hear it’s very distinctive call year on year)
Cuckoo (now becoming rare in England)
Great Grey Shrike
Green Woodpecker
Lessor Spotted Woodpecker
Greater Spotted Woodpecker (observed a pair this year constantly feeding young)
Siskin (I think!)

(I am always interested to receive any feedback from guests on what they have seen.)

Nearby Beaulieu-sur-Dordogne is famous for it's strawberries, and small wild strawberries can be found throughout the grounds.