Access Statement

Our self catering apartment is on the first floor of a block of apartments.     We have tried to provide as much information as possible in this statement.    If you have any queries please do not hesitate to call.  We look forward to welcoming you.

Pre-Arrival - There is a considerable amount of information in the other pages to this web site, including the procedure for booking.   The nearest bus stop is opposite the block and this service runs from Fowey town centre to St Austell.

The nearest major train station is at Par four miles away, and regular services are available to and from London and other cities.      Par station has provision for wheelchair access to and from the platforms and the taxi point, but if you require any particular assistance this can be arranged with the station providing you contact them at least 24 hours in advance.   There is no taxi rank at the station at present so that it would be wise to book a taxi also in advance if you do not want to experience any delay.  The nearest RADAR toilet is in the town approx 700 metres from the apartment.

Arrival & Car Parking Facilities - There is an even concrete car park immediately opposite the building at a distance of 29 meters from the entrance door, and space 2 is allocated to the apartment.    This car park is on a slight slope for the purposes of drainage, with a small camber at the point where it meets the road.

There is a street light at the entrance to the building, and the building has its own lighting system around to each entrance which comes on automatically when light fails and switches off at eleven p.m.     Outside these hours the system can be turned on manually for fifteen minutes by depressing a switch at the  front of the building, or within the entrance area.     The first mentioned external switch is 106 centimeters from the ground, and the second internal switch is 135 centimeters from the floor.

Main entrance  - The entrance to the property has firstly one step 20 cm high, 28 cm deep, 29 cm wide, then a platform 144 cm by 290 cm and then a further 12 steps 16 cm high by 28 cm deep by 120 cm wide.     There is no handrail here.
Then there is a bend and a slight incline along a level path 114 cm wide at the narrowest point and 258 cm wide at the widest point to the front door which 77 cm wide.

The route to the main entrance is clearly signed from the initial entry.     Access is obtain through a yale key at 146 cm high and a security speaker system is also installed at 146 - 158 cm high.     Once inside the way to the flat is via an area of ceramic tiling for 270 cm   then a stairwell.   There is no lift.    The stairwell is comprised of 7 steps 17 cm high by 27 cm deep by 80 cm wide to a half landing where the stairwell turns up a further 8 steps to another half landing and finally turns at 90 degrees up a further 2 steps bringing you immediately opposite the apartment door. (198 cm high and hinged on the left)   Access is by mortice key 85 cm high.  The traditional timber stair rail is to the right hand side and there is no further hand rail.

Inside the apartment entrance is a corridor 142 cm wide (82 cm wide at the narrowest point) which leads via a single step to the left (14 cm high) to the bathroom and bedrooms.    At the lower level opposite the main door the kitchen is opposite and a right turn leads you into the lounge/dining area and a separate w.c.

Apartment Decoration - The short pile carpets are light fawn save in the main bedroom which is grey.     All walls are painted with magnolia emulsion save for the contrasting area in the lounge around the fire place which is a shade of red-brown.    The skirting is dark red wood and contrasts well with the paler coloured walls.

Safety - A wired fire alarm operates for the entire block, and the panel and operating instructions together with the latest test certificate are housed at the foot of the stairwell.    There are 2 six litre filled fire extinguishers operated by foam spray and a further 6kg ABC powder extinguisher all situated at points within the stairwell.    There is also a small 24 g powder extinguisher in the hallway by the kitchen door.     A battery operated smoke alarm is contained within the flat and a carbon monoxide alarm is also housed in the kitchen.

W.C. - One is located in the bathroom and the other in a separate room.    Both are 43 cm high.

Dining Room & Lounge - The door into this combined open plan area has a width of 70 cm.    The rectangular dining table is of solid timber with legs on each corner, and there are chairs for six persons.     It measures 90 cm deep by 180 cm wide by 77 cm high  with an underspace of 69 cm.   The free space between the table and walls can be set at 85 cm all around according to the favoured position of the table.   The chairs are moveable are 41 cm by 42 cm deep at a height of 48 cm from the floor, the taller back being 97 cm high.

The dining area faces a large patio door which can be opened by extracted a tab at    cm high near the floor, and then pulling the door open by the handle from the right.     Once outside there is a balcony 475 cm wide by 240 cm deep at first floor height and protected by a surrounding metal railing which is 107 cm high.    There is a wooden divider between the apartment and the next door balcony which is 107 cm high at its lowest point and which contains a glass insert which is 100 cm deep by 75 cm wide.

Back inside all furniture is moveable and all is non feather.     There is a treble sofa and two easy chairs with arms.    The television and home entertainment sound system is provided with remote controls.    Some sky channels are available and radio and music programmes can also be obtained via the television.

Laundry - There is no separate laundry as all the bedding is taken away and laundered by arrangement with the caretakers, but there is a front loading standard size washer-dryer in the kitchen.

Shops and Leisure Facilities - The nearest shops are in the town as are any leisure facilities, but a house brochure contains details of many activities in the surrounding area and so does the Post Office.

Bedroom One - Door width is 70 cm.    King size bed is 207 cm by 162 cm wide.   Bed height is 58 cm floor to top of mattress.    Non feather duvets and pillows are provided.   Sheets, duvet covers and pillow cases are cotton.   Largest transfer space available to the left or right of the bed is 175 meters.   The bed is movable if more space is required to one side.    The largest free space clear of doors and furniture is 280 cm by 175 cm.

Bedroom Two - Door width is 70 cm.    There are two single beds 196 cm by 96 cm with a height to the top of the mattress of 49 cm.  Non feather duvets and pillows are provided.    Sheets, duvet covers and pillow cases are of cotton.   The largest transfer space available is nearest the door and this is 256 cm by 115 cm, but more space could be obtained by moving the two beds closer together.

Bathroom & WC - Door width is 71 cm.    Bath with flexible shower over with central fittings but no separate hand rail.    Bath height is 52 cm.  Integral bath rails are not provided.   Free space in bathroom (free of doors and furniture) is 140 cm by 90 cm.    Toilet seat height is 42 cm.   Space to the right of the toilet is 18 cm and to the left 18 cm.   Flooring is tiled.   There is a good colour contrast between the floor, walls and furniture.     The door lock is operated by a hand turned key.   The handle is at a height of 89 cm and the optional locking key is at a height of 83 cm.     The space under the washbasin of 75 cm is free other than the ceramic stem containing the pipework.

Self Catering Kitchen - The door from the corridor is 68 cm wide.   This is a self-closing fire door which can be held open by the use of a metal door stop (provided).  All units are built-in.   Worktop height   is 93cm.    Oven door is drop down, height of lowest shelf is 42 cm and cannot be accessed from the side.  The sink is 93 cm high with cupboards underneath.    Flooring is near black tiling in contrast to the light beech furniture.

The ceramic hob is 93 cm high and electric with warning lights remaining on until cool after switching off.   At least (89cm) free space is available between all furniture and worktops.    Evenly lit kichen with downlighters above work surfaces where required.    Fridge-freezer is 172 cm to the highest shelf.

Ground and Gardens - There is a small grassed garden available to all residents of the block.    You first of all have to reach the lower garden level via 13 slate steps which are 19 cm high by 27 cm deep by 92 cm wide.    These can be very slippery when wet but there is a hand rail to the left.     Then you follow a concrete path just over a metre wide for 13 metres after which you go up a large number of wooden steps on a stair system with hand rails on both sides.    These steps are 18 cm high by 27 cm deep by 100 cm wide.   Finally there are a further 4 concrete steps to the grassed area which are 18 cm high by 25 cm deep by 97 cm wide.     This area attracts the sun when it has moved around to the rear of the property.    No seat is provided.

Additional Information - An information folder is available within the flat in size A4 font.     There is good mobile phone reception for most phone systems, being particulary good for Orange.     Evacuation of the apartments must be at your own risk as there is no resident caretaker service nor staff.    You should consider if you or your companions are likely or not to hear the fire alarm if sounded.   The apartment is non smoking and pets and very small children are not allowed.

Contact Information - please see the web page summarising this information.    Please also see the separate laminated pages contained within the information booklet for details of doctors, transport and other such public services.A pay phone is provided for your use, and its number is 01726 833394.